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Am I the Right Wedding Photographer for You?

New Years is getting close and with all the wedding inquiries pouring in from Christmas engagements, I feel its a great time to prepare you on what you can expect if you are looking to book Arrow Sherman Photography. The main parts to focus on are style, price, and personality.

First, if you haven't already, be sure to check out my portfolio on my website. What about my work do you like or dislike? Really take a minute to be able to explain to yourself what style you like and expect for your wedding day. My style can be catagorized as bold or fearless photojournalistic wedding photography which basically means that I shoot creatively and adventurously (using unique angles, locations, shooting through random objects to obtain unique lighting and shapes, creating art you will want to hang in your home) and that I do not do a lot of posing. I show up to capture your day as it unfolds naturally, however, I will provide guidance as needed. For the most part, just be prepared to interact with your loved ones and not even worry that I am there photographing you. That is truly what I feel makes the best photos anyways so just enjoy your day and trust in me to capture it for you!

Epic engagement photo - Creative Art

The next part you have to know is, am I in your budget? Once you have figured out what style of photography you like, I highly recommend researching several local photographers prices who are a match for that style. Now you can estimate what you might be looking to spend. When you have your budget prepared you will be better equiped to make your decision on whether or not I specifically am the right photographer for you. I personally charge a base fee for myself and my assistant(s) to come to shoot then I add on for things such as bridals, engagements, video, albums, canvas art, digital downloads, travel, and print release. My starting price is now $1800 for 2018 going forward. More of this information can be provided during our initial meeting.

Now, you are probably wondering why I threw personality into the mix. Most would expect me to put availablitiy but that will be discussed no matter what. So when I say personality, I dont necessarily mean if we like the same clothing stores, or both have pets, etc. I mean, do we have the same ideas? Visions for your wedding day? Do we make eachother comfortable? Do you trust me with the most special day of your life? This is one of the most important aspects on your decision. Make sure you discuss during your initial meeting any special requests, concerns, your visions (even if you dont have your exact information lined up yet), make sure you discuss your personality, things that are important to you and your significant other, etc. I strive to ensure I provide a great service to all of my clients including how I treat them personally through listening to their visions/concerns, showing excitement for their journey, and just genuinely showing a professional and positive attitude. You can see my reviews both on facebook and on as well. That is defitintely something I welcome to clients.

Overall, I think the message is just to make sure your photographer is the right fit for you before you book them. You dont want to have to worry later on if you have made the right decision or not and sometimes it is best to truly understand what you want before jumping the gun. Hopefully for most of you reading this, I will be the right fit and we can make some magic happen for your special day! If you'd like to hear more please feel free to set up a meeting with me. I would absolutely love to hear from you and go over more in depth information.

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