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Why You Should Do a Bridal Session Before the Wedding Date

|| Bridals || These sessions are a huge part of any brides wedding experience. What it is, is basically a photo session for the bride that will take place prior to wedding day that will not only give you a chance to do trial hair and makeup and see what you will look like on wedding day, but also a chance for you to slow down and really enjoy yourself and your dress.

*Photo taken at St. Anthony's on the Creeks

One of the biggest reasons I highly suggest doing a bridal session is because your wedding day will go by SO fast. You will have a million things on your mind that day, a strict timeline to follow, several vendors to coordinate with, and a ton of photo sessions taking place. You may get overwhelmed pretty quickly. If you do your bridal session prior to the wedding day, you have an opportunity to really take in the beauty you feel as a bride. We typically shoot for between 2-3 hours at whatever stunning location we can come up with and make you feel on top of the world while you get photos to commemorate one of the most meaningful and special events of your life.

*Photo taken at The Ravington in Centerton, AR

*Photo taken at St. Anthony's on the Creek in Lowell, AR

*Photo taken at Top of the Rock in Ridgedale, Missouri

Another big reason to do the bridal session prior to wedding day, is because it help you and your photographer get aquainted! The session will give you and your photographer time to get familiar with what poses, angles, and prompts work best for you. It also helps you get comfortable with being in front of the camera!

*Photo taken at Top of the Rock in Ridgedale, Missouri

*Photo taken at St. Anthony's on the Creek in Lowell, AR

*Photo taken at Top of the Rock in Ridgedale, Missouri

Lets be real. Bridal sessions are just a ton of fun for all parties involved. Your future husband is going to love getting to view them, your parents and family, you will feel so confident and beautiful. There really isnt a down side! This life altering event is something that you should take every opportunity you can to celebrate. Bridal sessions are such a fun and meaningful way to do just that!

*Venue: The Ravington in Centerton, Arkansas

To book your bridal session please email me at I cannot wait to hear from you!

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